Revitalize kitchens, bathrooms, and showers with green custom countertops made from recyclable materials and wall cladding installation services from our company in Herndon, Virginia. For more than 15 years, Ellis Company has fabricated and installed green countertops for commercial clients in Virginia and Maryland. In addition to countertops, our veteran-owned business installs wall cladding and toilet partitions.

You can depend on Ellis Company for expert countertop fabrication and installation done quickly and affordably. Our owner has more than 25 years of experience in the field. We specialize in larger jobs and can bond up to $1 million.

Ellis Company offers everything from recycled metal Alkemi™ and recycled plastic 3-Form™ countertops to recycled concrete Zodiaq™ countertops. We also offer Paper Stone countertops made from recycled paper and Avonite™ countertops that are fabricated from recycled plastic with several colors available, as well as countertops from Silestone™ and Icestone™. Plus, we have a selection of non-recyclable and recyclable countertops from Corian™ and granite countertops, which is a more durable and heavy-duty material.

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