How long does it take from time of measure to install?

-    The normal turnaround time from measure to install is a week or less.

Is there a show room that has all solid surface products offered?

-    Yes, we are updating our show room and would be happy to have you come in and look at samples.

How do I care for my solid surface top/ shower surround?

-    We are always happy to provide customer with care and maintenance for any solid surface product upon request.

Can I use my stone countertop for a cutting board?

-    We do not recommend using any stone or solid surface for a cutting board. It will cause scratches and dull knives.

Does your company offer faucet and sink packages?

-    Yes, we have an outstanding sink and faucet package with three different faucets and four sinks to choice from.

Does your company repair chips or scratches?

-    Yes, we do have service that offers repairs to fix chips and scratches if they are repairable.

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